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Volunteers play a vital role for sports within the Community. Their contribution of different skills and knowledge empowers children and young people as they work alongside them. Some volunteers may not be fanatical about sport but they dedicate time and energy to improve the lives of the disadvantaged children and young people that the Trust work with.

Our volunteers not only make a difference and help others but they are also developing new skills and gaining valuable experience that they may need for relevant future employment. All out new volunteers are made to feel welcome and all have vital roles to play.


You will find yourself working as part of a team and making a real difference to the lives of children and young people who are at a disadvantage and have not been given the opportunities and provision in life that they deserve.

“I've been volunteering with the Leigh Community Trust in different capacities for over 7 years these have included amongst other things Sports camps, numeracy day assistant, playing for success assistant, the Hope haka project, primary school visits, dressing up as Trust mascot and Aimhigher mentor. LCT are very approachable, dedicated and supporting. They also have helped me in my professional development giving me the experience needed to be accepted onto a PGCE in physical education and to work in placements around the world. Volunteering with the LCT is a great way to help others as well as developing yourself in the process.”

Trust Volunteer Matthew Alan Thomas (22)

If you would like to volunteer with the Trust send an email detailing general information about yourself such as age, your interests etc, why you want to volunteer and the type of activities you would like to undertake working with the Trust to
and a member of staff will contact you.